Document Storage Bangalore, Karnataka

Documents are proofs that needs to be stored safely. Whether the document is related to home or office the value is no less than the other.Safety lockers at home and office are not much safe to store documents as one time or the other we may leave it open or they key might get lost.Documents are not something we use daily so we must store them in a very safe place.

And placing cctv cameras inside home unlike office to monitor the visits is not a good idea. And when pests are present, there are more chances for document to get damaged.Especially the presence of rodents cause major damage to the files and document stored at any place.

It is recommended to opt a safe storage unit to store your documents and files safely. myRaksha offers document storage facility in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Why choose myRaksha storage?

Safe and Secure

Our warehouses are highly secure, we have employed safety check regularly and employed latest technologies to identify potential threats.

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About Images

Flexible options

We understand that every customer is different and their needs are different, we offer long term and short term storage solutions to match your needs.

24/7 support

Our excellent customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you whenever you need us.

Raksha's warehouse storage facilities includes many features such as pest control, alarm system, CCTV Cameras.

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