Personal Storage Bangalore, Karnataka

Personal / self storage units is the best option you can avail when you are confused whether to sell or pack things because of less storage space at your home. When we purchase things for home we usually spend more to own the best but with time when we exceeded the storage limit or space at our place, we will result in thinking whether certain things are mandatory or not. At this stage we will try selling things at second hand which will not even get half a amount and when you try buy a new one of the same kind in future it will be double the amount so finally it will be a loss in all aspects.

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Self storage or personal storage units provide you personal space to store things where you can store things like

  • Old furniture at home
  • Sport equipments
  • Childhood memories
  • Kids toys
  • Household items on events like going to shift, remodel or paint your home etc.
  • Items purchased on special offers but have no present usage can be stored for future use.
  • Temporary storage unit to store household items to free up space at home during guests visits.
  • Things that you use only on certain occasions.

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Features of Raksha's Storage Facility in Bangalore

Raksha takes security and safety very seriously, our safety features include:

  • 24hrs Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire protection sprinkler system
  • Security System and Warehouse Alarm
  • Pest Control

myRaksha offers Personal / Self storage facility in Bangalore, Karnataka.